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Our 'everyday' hearing test is a quick and fun way to test your hearing. Start the test and find out if you can hear a pin drop in another room, or if it's perhaps time to have your hearing formally checked at a hearing clinic. After the audio clip, you will be asked three questions. When you have answered all three, we will send you our direct evaluation and a recommendation of what you should do next.

Quick hearing test

Scenario: Football

Set the volume on your smartphone, tablet or computer to that of a normal conversation.

That was the audio clip. Did you understand it? Now, answer the three short questions to immediately receive an initial assessment of your hearing ability.

What is the name of the player who is replaced by the coach?

What team is Tottenham Hotspur playing against in this scenario?

Which car model blocks a fire brigade entrance?

What is the shirt number of Heung-min Son?


Quick hearing test

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You will now receive an email with your individual evaluation and specific recommendations of what you should do next.

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